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Open Door Program

What is Bedford's Open Door Alternative High School?
Open Door Alternative High School (O.D.A.H.S.) was established in August, 1987 as a non-traditional senior High School program based on the premise that there are legitimate differences in people and in the way they learn. The programs primary purpose is to help sudents who have experienced failure or very little success in their previous educational experience.
What makes alternative education unique?
Alternative Education is a generic label applied to a variety of educational programs. Alternative simply means different to the traditional public school setting. Alternative's biggest point of departure from traditional public schools is in the area of teacher/student interaction, with teachers assuming a less traditional role and involving students in the school decision-making process.

Also, alternative education differs in the method of instruction and curriculum. Another major point of departure is in the grading system. Students are individually evaluated based on their measure of growth.
How are Students Selected?

Open Door is a program of choice. Students are selected through an application/referral procedure. An application/referral form may be initiated by any student, parent, gaurdian, caseworker, teacher, counselor, or school principal. The completed form must be submitted to O.D.A.H.S. for consideration and approval.

New students begin in the program only at the start of each term during the school year, provided space is available.

Students who are expelled from main campus are offered the opportunity to continue their education at Open Door Alternative High School. This is referred to as the Expelled Students Program.

What does the Instructional Program Offer?
Students are enrolled in a basic academic program at O.D.A.H.S. All courses are designed to meet requirements for high school graduation. Students do not graduate from Open Door - credits earned are transferred to the Main Campus program for graduation.

Since its inception, Open Door has been instrumental in assisting over 100 students earn their Bedford High School diplomas. Classes are small and instruction is individualized to meet the needs and abilities of the student. Report cards and progress reports are mailed to the home.
Structure of the School Day / Year.
Open Door offers classes to better meet the special needs of its students. The primary focus of the school day is academic development. Bedford Open Door is a closed campus and building behavior and discipline are strictly managed.

Open Door follows the same calendar and vacation schedule as Bedford Public Schools.

Open Door students are not permitted to return to the main campus after their school day or during regular school hours unless they are involved in a co-curricular activity. Students who enroll at Open Door must finish the current school year before applying to return to main campus.
Enrollment in the Open Door program requires a commitment on the part of the student attending the school, and the students' parents/guardians. This commitment involves the investment of time and effort that it takes to insure daily student promptness and attendance. Parents must take an active role in monitoring the studnet's attendance on a daily basis.
The program is staffed by full-time certified teachers and an aide.
Guidance and Counseling Services.
Guidance and counseling are an important part of the program. A counselor from the main campus is assigned to the pogram to primarily assist students with personal problems.
Removal from the Open Door program.
Students will be given every opportunity to be successful, responsible participants in the alternative program. If the student does not respond positively to the program, the student may be dismissed. When a student's continued participation is deemed destructive to the program, the student will be removed from the program and the parents/guardians will be notified.
Who Provides Transportation?
No transportation is provided for the students. It's the responsibility of the students and their families to secure transportation to and from the facility.
Where is the Program Located?
The O.D.A.H.S. is located in the Bedford Public Schools Central Administration Building at 1623 West Sterns Road.