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Head Custodians
SHS - Robin Alcock
JHS - Vicki Cauffman
DRE - Frankie Meeks
MRE - Randy Alcock
Skilled Trades

Electrician - Chris Ray
Plumber - Berdine Roberts
HVAC - Mike Krolak
Maintenance - John Trabbic
Skilled Asst. - Ric Beauch
Skilled Asst. - Mike Murphy
Utility - Paul Bohland
Utility - Nathan Smith

AHERA Notice
This notice is to inform you, as required by the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), that the documentation for our District Asbestos Management Plan, the semiannual surveillance inspections, and the three-year reinspection are available for your review in each building’s principal’s office. Information regarding response actions may also be found in the District Asbestos Management Plan. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Paul Bohland.


Notice Regarding Spraying of Pesticide
The Bedford Public Schools' Buildings & Grounds Department will apply a herbicide throughout the district every weekend (weather permitting) from April through September. The product contains the active ingredients glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine, in the form of its isipropylamine salt. Flags will be placed in areas which have recently been treated. If you have questions, contact Paul Ramirez at (419) 279-5000 or email paul.ramirez@mybedford.us.


Pest Control Advisory Notification
Bedford Public Schools, in keeping with State of Michigan Pest Control Act of l976 as amended and Regulation Number 637 has a plan of action for controlling insects, rodents and various pests in and around our facilities.


The district’s plan of action for controlling pests incorporates the practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Integrated Pest Management utilizes various means of control elimination, which include but are not limited to: sanitation, closure of points of entry, harborage for pests, and maintaining proper food storage methods. Chemical and non-chemical means of controlling pests will be employed.


Use of chemicals to control or eliminate pests will be closely monitored and applied only as the last means of resort. In the event that the use of chemicals is prescribed by the pest control professional, the school will receive notification 48 hours prior to use of chemicals by the pest control professionals. In certain emergencies, pesticide may be applied without prior notice.

A. The notice shall specify 2 methods by which the advance notification of the application of a pesticide will be given
     at last 48 hours before application. The first method shall be by posting the entrances to the school or day
     care center. Subject to subdivision (B), the second method shall be at least one of the following:

       a) Posting in a public, common area of the school or day care center, other than an entrance. A bulletin board
          near the administrative offices is an example of an acceptable area.

       b) EMAIL

       c) A telephone call by which direct contact is made with a parent/guardian of a student of the school or a child
           under the care of teh day care center, or a message is recorded on an answering machine.

       d) Providing the students of the school or children under the day care center with a written notice to be delivered
           to their parent/guardian.

B. State that, in addition to notice under subdivision (A), parent/guardians are entitled to receive the notice by
     first-class United States mail postmarked at least 3 days before applicaton, if they so request, and the manner
     in which such a request shall be made.


Material Safety Data Sheets for all pest control chemicals used in district facilities will be on file at all Bedford Public Schools, offices, and warehouses. Copies of MSDS sheets may be obtained from your neighborhood school or by calling the Building & Grounds office at 734.850.6061. Notification of parents & staff will occur prior to the application of chemicals in any of our seven school buildings.
If you have questions, contact Paul Ramirez at (419) 279-5000 or email paul.ramirez@mybedford.us.